Thursday, 17 March 2016

Britain has a new tax.


Governments tax tobacco to discourage people smoking.

They have “carbon taxes” to discourage emissions of carbon dioxide.

And the British Government has announced overnight it will now be taxing soft drinks, to discourage Britons drinking so much sugar.

Taxes like these are levied to discourage a particular activity the government would like to discourage. And they do.

So my question is: What on earth do they think taxes on business do?

And does the implication of that bother them in any way at all?



  1. I thought even all mainstream economists (let alone the Austrians) agree business taxes are stupid.

    We should treat leftist "mathematics deniers" with the same distain those leftists treat "climate deniers" or hopefully both sides treat flat earthers...

  2. Finding ways to hide taxes is something politicians love to do. Companies pay their taxes using money they collect from their customers who pay for the product or services they want. The money does not come from the tooth fairy ( unless you are GM and got billions to keep it's inefficient factories alive with taxpayer bailouts.) At the end of the day, there is no "tax" on businesses that the business pays. They are just another arm of the IRS collecting taxes that the taxpayer doesn't realize they are actually paying.


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