Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Bonus Quote of the Day: Don Watkins on Trump


“He is an authoritarian whose only consistent aim is his own aggrandizement,
and whose only consistent theme is that there should be no barrier between his
will and the policies of the U.S. government.
‘But the establishment is rotten.’ Yes, it's rotten, but you can't fix it by electing
an unprincipled bully who does not understand and value the principles of the
Declaration and Constitution. …
" ‘But he says what he believes.’ Maybe. But so have many would-be dictators
throughout history. The question is: what does he believe? …
" ‘Don't judge him by his campaign--he's just a smart marketer and is doing a
brilliant job of getting elected.’
Maybe. But then what does he actually stand for
and what will he actually do once in office? If you cannot answer that, you are
handing a gun (and a nuclear arsenal) to a question mark. Would you hand
an actual gun to a stranger on the street? …
" ‘He refuses to play the PC game.’ So does David Duke.
“There is no candidate who will make a substantially positive impact on our
future  this election year. That is because there is no widespread understanding
of and  support for the ideas that created [America].”

~ Don Watkins, posting on Facebook


  1. Doesn't matter in terms of stopping him. He'll win.

    1. Possible - in the same way that Bernie Sanders might win - but I still think unlikely.

      Trump's appeal is purely that he "speaks his mind", and is "un-PC". He's been useful in demonstrating that a politician can do both these things, and it can add to your popularity rather than detract from it. But increasing numbers will be starting to realise the emperor has no clothes, and you can be un-PC and genuine without being an idiot. I predict the tide will now start to turn towards a better candidate who is perhaps equally outspoken; but has greater consistency and commitment to free markets, and not so divisive - similar to Reagan perhaps. The only thing I'm not sure about is whether it will happen in time for this election cycle, or whether it will have to wait till the next.

    2. Oh, well that's just the thing, Mark. He cannot be imitated in time for this election let alone imitated and surpassed. It's far too late for any tide to turn! He'll win and not in the same way Sanders might win, not in terms of statistically 'might' happen. He'll take the nomination and he'll defeat either Democrat with the full backing of the GOP.

      That's my comment on this Don Watkins quote. The ship has sailed and Watkins is flailing about saying 'maybe' this and 'maybe' that. Either he's pretending he can't form an opinion deliberately or unconsciously projecting his post-modernistic doubt onto others.

    3. We'll see Rick. Care to wager a bet that he won't become president?

    4. OK, sure. Upon Trump inauguration you write a review of the book of my choice.

    5. $1000 I bet trump will not be president ����

    6. He will drop out of race within a month ...

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  3. h Rick so good to see you posting man! Lol are you still blogging ?"

    Quite an interesting spectacle with Mr Donald Trump in the race? Huh. I have absolutely loved watching it :-) funny and sad many Emotions going on. Amazed at the dynamics of it all. I have not formed a complete picture yet in my mind of who to believe or what to think.

    Please can you elaborate on your opinions on who is Donald Trump and what may happen ?

    1. Who is Trump? Not believing for a moment he believes his own rhetoric I think he's a Democratic plant. Its a smart move by the Democrats to get the Republicans to run for you for free. This shambles shows that in politics the poo does float to the top.



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