Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Quote of the Day: Challenge thyself


"Refusing to truly understand those who disagree with you
is intellectual laziness and worse, is usually worse than
what you’re accusing the Other Side of doing."

~ Sean Blanda from his post 'The "Other Side" is Not Dumb'



  1. So dismissing Donald Trump supporters as "angry morons" was after reading Mr Trump's policies of - 15% corporate and 5% income taxes, school choice, calling global warming a hoax, support for fracking, supporting the 2nd amendment, abolishing Obamacare - and (presumably) finding yourself opposed to all of these policies??


    1. In Donald Trump there's not a consistent point of view to understand, just a hodge podge of randomness. Like a mini version of Putin, he attempts to replace principles with force of personality. Like most populists, he sometimes comes down on the right side, but often not - and there's no predicting where he'll stand on any given issue.


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