Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Blog stats: November, 2015

I haven’t posted my blog stats here for some time (well, apart from that permanent Google App down there on the left-hand sidebar you can consult anytime you feel like it, just above those automatically Google-generated ‘popular posts), and after another month with the new blog setup here I wanted to see what my Statcounter says about my stats. And here’s the news for the month just finished:

Unique visitors [from Statcounter]: 37, 485
Page Views [from Statcounter]: 50, 619

As you might notice that looks a bit different to the Google figures, which is a little perplexing:

Page Views [from Google]: 218, 879

This sort of suggests that counting stats is far from exact science, one reason I’d stopped posting them. Still, there’s a clear upward trend here since the blog platform was updated, for which I’m grateful:


And even the much (lower) Statcounter figures would put me fourth in Open Parachute blog’s occasional Top 5 NZ Political Blog Rankings (just ahead of Dim Post, and  well behind the Daily Blog.) But that blog-ranking system uses SiteMeter, which I don’t use – so who knows.

Anyway, for what it’s worth Google says these are the Top Ten Most-Read Posts from November 2015:

  1. Lest we forget
  2. Little thought given to Labour’s buy-local lunacy
  3. Christmas Island, rape, and other random questions...
  4. Quote of the day: On Christmas Island
  5. Vertigo?
  6. “Bill Gate’s Solution to Climate Change Reveals His Misunderstanding of Capitalism and Free Markets”
  7. Auckland: The mongrel now has momentum.
  8. Quote of the day: On NZers being deported from Aus...
  9. “Modern Educayhsun”
  10. Free trade is fair trade

Although, confusingly, StatCounter makes a case for these as well:

  1. Jonah Lomu, 1975-2015
  2. For ‘living wage’ campaigners to be right, economic theory has to be wrong
  3. Friday Morning Ramble, after a bad week …
  4. Susan Devoy fails to fight for chance to teach new immigrants
  5. Quote of the day: Why are there so few Muslim terrorists?
  6. Fixing those fragile campus kids

And from both sources I count these as the Top-ten sites referring sites:

Small Dead Animals, Facebook, Reddit (odd, since I can’t even post a Reddit widget here), Twitter, No Minister, Kiwiblog, Lindsay Mitchell, Gus Van Horn, NZ Conservative, and Life Behind the IRon Drape. (Thank you all.)

Now, for the geeks …

they’re reading Not PC here:


top countries/territories
NZ 48%; US 19%; Canada, 9%; Australia 6%; UK 4%; Germany 1.7%; France 1.6%; India, 1.4%
… top cities
Auckland 19%; Wellington 5%; Christchurch 4%; Hamilton, 1.5%; Palmerston North, 1.3%; Dunedin, 1.1%; Calgary, 1%; London 1%; Tauranga, 1%; Sydney 0.9%
… readers' browsers
Chrome, 33%; Mobile browsers, 23%; Firefox/Flock 33%; IE Explorer 12%; Tablets, 9%; Safari 7%
… readers’ OS
Win 7 29%; Mobile, 23%; Win 10, 11%; OS X 11%; Win 8.1, 9%; iOS, 7%; Win XP, 3%; Linux 2%; Android 2%; Win Vista, 1%
… readers’ screen widths
1280-1438 27% ; 1-601, 23%; 1920-3480 19%; 640-768, 8%; 1600-1778, 8%

So in summary, the changes to the blog have either attracted more readers, or has measured many more. And NZ still supplies the largest location of readership, which makes sense.

Either way: Cheers, and thanks to you all for reading, linking to and talking about NOT PC this month,
Peter Cresswell


  1. Open Parachute stats
    UtopiaYouarestandinginit says his monthly hit was - " With 68,618 page views, I am the sixth most viewed blog in New Zealand ", yet Open Parachute doesn't list him, nor you
    That's a huge difference between 221,247 and 37,485 ~ almost like local body accounting

    1. Aye, when disparities are as wide as that, it's clear that blog-stats gathering is still far from a perfect science.

  2. ha PC if you think your Statistics are good now, you wait till you get my award for being blogger of the year . This is big, very big indeed., google will be rolling its numbers. You can believe me , it always works . Quixotically enough I gave this award to a tabloid blogger we know well, for a couple of years, and his numbers went crazy so that he just took off walking in Peru somewhere, and thought the world was his. Not so. Of course I receive a lot of lobbying from unusual sources, and you wouldn't think Mike Butler would lobby me would you,
    but there we are. Spanish Gold

    1. Thanks Paul. I shall book my tickets to Macchu Pichu on that basis. :-)

  3. Anonymous above 17.58 I checked open parachute a couple of years ago, and it was all up the chute, some blogs non existent, some repeats; all sorts of anomalies.


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