Thursday, 19 November 2015

Multiculturalism's Treachery

Guest post by Olivia Pierson

What do North Korea, Russia, Iran, Syria – and the Zealots of Multiculturalism all have in common?

Communism? No.

Religion? No.

Totalitarianism? Close.

Answer: It is hatred of the West.

Since 1776 America has stood as the great symbol of Western ideals; Reason, Freedom & Democracy. More specifically, these ideals have evolved into becoming the hallmarks of all modern democracies in the Anglosphere and Europe; separation of religion from state (religious tolerance), the emancipation of women and children, a commitment to scientific discovery, freedom of speech and of the press, and the right to self-determination.

I challenge anyone in the world to point to a group of human beings anywhere who stand for anything nobler than the above political and cultural achievements. If Socrates’ words “know thyself” mean anything to us, then we in the West must be clear about what defines our civilisation’s daily character, for its creation is exceptional in the affairs of humankind.

Multiculturalism’s overarching dogma is that all cultures are equal regardless of the diverse practices of those cultures. Yet it is only in the West, and cultures heavily influenced by western values, where diverse cultures actually have the freedom to do their own thing unmolested.

Try living as an openly gay man in Russia and see how that works out for you. Try practising Christianity in North Korea, or wearing a mini-skirt in Iran -- or divorcing a violent husband in Syria. While you’re at it, try telling a multiculturalist that Islam is a backward and primitive anti-ideology that no civilised mind should have any truck with if we are serious about human development.

North Korea, Iran, Russia, Syria – and of course ISIS, are brutally working against western influence in the world, and they will smite it if they get their way. But they would not stand even the slightest chance of making a dent if it were not for the militant multiculturalists systematically undermining western exceptionalism from within.

All cultures are not equal.

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Olivia Pierson is an Auckland writer. 
Follow her commentary at her blog: OliviaPierson.Org

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