Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Melvyn Maxwell Smith House, by Frank Lloyd Wright (1949)

Melvyn Maxwell Smith House (1949) in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
(pic by Rachel Fründt and the Frank Lloyd Wright Appreciation Society)

As one commentator said, “A million times better than today's cold clinical grey house and garden design.”


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  1. I was fortunate, as an undergraduate, to have a private tour of this lovely house by none other than the exceedingly gracious Melvin Maxwell Smith.(1982 or 1983?) Mr Smith, despite his age, radiated enthusiasm for his beautiful house and showing it to me despite the fact that he must have given this little tour thousands of times. The house sits in an uncommonly beautiful landscape dotted with sculpture. The Smith's had added a glass enclosed room designed by the Taliesin Assoc Architects that sits at the terrace side of the house that seemed ideal.

    As is was so often the case the original owners of these Wright houses were very generous sharing it with other it seems. I had very similar experiences with John C Pew of Madison, Wisconsin and Louis Penfield of Willoughby Hills, Ohio.


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