Wednesday, 28 October 2015

I’d like to have a beer at Wendy’s

One of the few times I’ve enjoyed going into McDonalds was in Belgium.

I enjoyed it because I got to order a beer off the menu.

It wasn’t a great beer, but it was a beer. And it came on the tray with whatever else it was I ordered.

If I didn’t want their beer I could have red or white wine or, from memory, some kind of vodka-based thing.

This is how they do things in Europe. It felt right. It felt civilised.

Christchurch deputy-mayor Vicky Buck however is a very uncivilised kind of a woman. Vicky Buck would rather not have them done that way in Christchurch.

She thought it was "a bit weird" that a fast food joint would want to sell alcohol… "It's a local fast food takeaway place and a number of people in Hornby are concerned about what's likely to happen there. There are a lot of kids, a lot of teenagers there."

Yeah. And wouldn’t it be terrible if they saw folk drinking their beer and like civilised people often like to: with food, with their family.

How weird is that?


  1. you really know how to enjoy yourself...had a very average beer with food you cant remember!

  2. That's me. I can have a party in a coat closet--if I have to.


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