Monday, 5 October 2015

England’s options


After England’s embarrassing exit from their own Rugby World Cup tournament even before the knockout stages have started – did we mention they’ve had their worst tournament in a history of bad tournaments – “a catastrophe for country and RWC” says the hyperbolic UK press – the Telegraph suggests teams England supporters could get behind now their own sub-standard team has been dumped. Because, frankly, all the other options are going to give a fan much more fun.

Prospects include the French, who’ve had to endure Croydon; the Japanese, whose joyous giant-killing has already installed them as most fan’s second-favourite; and the Scottish, because “English and Scottish fans have a long history of friendly co-operation.” Oh, and of course New Zealand, if “my friend, you are a glory-hunter.” Like these young ladies…


[Pics by Telegraph]

UPDATE: Wanted …


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