Monday, 14 September 2015

#RefugeeCrisis: Just making shit up

Truth has neither been the first nor the only casualty of the Syrian civil war, but anyone spending any time on social media in recent days seeing the stories and pictures spewing out purporting to show all manner of dastardlineness committed by refugees from the war will know that truth is among the most recent casualties—and the spew-load tells us the most about about those ready and eager to embrace the untruth.

As I discovered here the other day, neither actual facts nor actual stats are apparently necessary if you’re simply ready to collectivise people.

So I enjoyed this, just one of several pieces debunking sundry bullshit memes about refugees: Calling Bullshit On the Anti-Refugee Memes Flooding the Internet, including

  • bogus photographic evidence of ISIS fighters sneaking into Macedonia
  • bullshit stories that refugees are not victims of war but are actually hulking bodybuilders (yes, I know)
  • more bullshit stories about Saudi and Gulf states not taking in Syrians
  • even more bullshit stories about refugees being all cowardly men who have left their women and children behind in a war zone
  • more bogus bullshit pictures, some from the other side of the world and others taken as far back as a quarter of a century ago, all purporting to be Europe today
  • more bullshit photographic evidence that refugee groups are full of ISIS fighters

Simple advice: check your shit before you post it. And check it really well before you post it here.



  1. Syrians (and their Islam) ruined Syria, yet some believe if we let an unlimited number of Syrians into civilised countries we will all be singing kumbaya around the camp fire. What absolutely breathtaking stupidity.

  2. Utopia-You're standing in it ~ has this old John Cleese clip about Extremism that seems topical regarding refugees
    John Cleese vs Extremism

  3. These fake photos etc don't mean much other than there are people who fake it. In spite of that, there are some real and serious problems out there. Just as it's wrong to blindly accept those memes, it's equally wrong to dismiss genuine and real concerns based not he existence of those memes.

    1. Well, yes they do matter. They matter very much. They matter, because the nature of the problems is so widely misunderstood because so much misinformation is being spread. By you, as much as anyone.

    2. They don't matter much if the truth dwarfs them. The young jewish man who pretended to be an Australian jihadist, for instance, doesn't mean there's no such thing as the global jihad. It doesn't mean that what he did is fine, or doesn't matter, but it is ultimately inconsequential flotsam and jetsam alongside the fact of the global jihad. Have you watched the documentary? It isn't a meme photoshopped by some knucklehead.

  4. Here is a half hour German documentary that looks at the problems Germany is having with immigrants who do not share the German cultural outlook on life. It is like oil to water.

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