Monday, 10 August 2015

Top ten links

It’s always fascinating to me to see which link is the most popular in the Ramble every week. Some weeks. It’s amusing. Sometimes it’s surprising. And, some weeks, well, it’s all too predictable …

  1. Gymnast shamed for ‘showing vagina’ – NEWS.COM.AU
  2. Zizz and zing: Editor Jeremy Hansen visits New Plymouth's sensational new Len Lye Centre – HOME
  3. The naked truth about barriers to foreign trade – Jamie Whyte, NZ HERALD
  4. The Economist: The TPP is dead – MACRO BUSINESS
  5. Why Generation Rent doesn’t care about your precious green belt – Joel Golby, GUARDIAN
  6. The Obama-Clinton One-Two Blackout – Alex Epstein, FORBES
  7. How to turn small talk into smart conversation – IDEAS.TED.COM
  8. From the Archives: Jon Stewart's Stupid Nuclear Commentary – Bill Whittle, PJTV
  9. 11,000 year lease: the world's oldest continuously inhabited cities – ARCHINECT NEWS
  10. Atlas Shrugs - Randall Holcombe, MISES WIRE

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