Tuesday, 11 August 2015

“Shopping for groceries becomes an increasingly dangerous activity.”

Young folk who’ve never seen socialism up close, and Martyn Bradbury, should be keeping their eyes on Venezuela – the world’s fifth-largest oil producer, a once-prosperous country that has and is being turned to ruin by socialism.

Latest news from the hell-hole: “shopping for groceries becomes an increasingly dangerous activity.”

It’s the law of the jungle in Venezuela, as shopping for groceries becomes an increasingly dangerous activity. As the shortage crisis worsens, more and more angry mobs are raiding the nation’s supermarkets, looting whatever basic goods they can find…
inflation and the drastic decline in the value of the bolívar on the black market has hit wages hard. Venezuelans currently earn the lowest incomes on the continent, with a minimum wage of US$10.87 per month, based on the unofficial exchange rate.
    Marco Antonio Ponce, general coordinator for the OVCS, tells the PanAm Post that the rise in protests and vandalism stems from a widespread dissatisfaction with the government among the public. “Desperation is increasing, since people can’t purchase food, medicine, or personal-hygiene products,” he says…

    The number of total protests, however, has dropped compared to the same period last year, when 6,369 anti-government rallies took place, leaving 43 dead, hundreds wounded, and dozens of political prisoners detained.

Both tyranny and poverty are endemic to the socialist commonwealth – poverty, because socialism fails to produce; tyranny, because the poverty must be equalised by force.

Read more: Looting Sweeps Venezuela as Hunger Takes Over.


  1. Article 305: The State shall promote sustainable agriculture as the strategic basis for overall rural development, and consequently shall guarantee the population a secure food supply, defined as the sufficient and stable availability of food within the national sphere and timely and uninterrupted access to the same for consumers.


    Article 305 Venezuelan constitution. Cant make this shit up

  2. Martyn 'the champion of the working class' Bradbury

    Yeah Right

    Cracks me up

    Bloke's never done a hard days labour in his life. What the f*ck would he know


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