Monday, 3 August 2015

Links, Top 10

By popular choice, these were the best links from the last Friday Morning Ramble.

I gave myself only half a point this week for picking the most popular because I’d quietly decided the Goodes stories would be total non-starters. Almost true. Turns out these are the ten that had you reaching for the mouse…

  1. 50 Twitter Jokes That Will Brighten Your Day
  2. Listen to the instrument da Vinci invented but never got to hear
  3. 24 totally cringe-worthy classical music jokes
  4. 15 Hilarious And Calamitous Appearances By Musicians On Kids TV Shows
  5. Multiculturalism: A Free Pass for Islam
  6. Islam: Fastest Shrinking Religion in the World
  7. 22 of the best insults in classical music
  8. How Good Is the Best Argument Against Immigration?
  9. A guide to busting the Adam Goodes excuses
  10. Please fill me in on what has happened today in the Goodes booing issue?


…and these two failed to get off the grid altogether.

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