Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Fan mail

Always nice to get focussed attention from astute critics of the human condition. Like this, from commenter socialisthashashin this morning:

_Quote5You finally are slithering out of your Hole Cresswell.
You'll be exposed as the Jew Rat you are ...
You and your Gay buddy Linzey, whom is an ex communist party member as well as Tavistock trained and a Fabian Society POS..
    Move to ISRAEL, you piece of Human Garbage , Cresswell.
You and the rest of Linzeys crowd will end up behind bars soon enough, as the world is waking up FAST to you and your Jew rat multiculturalism ,endless wars and social decay . Its more than funny how Megson NEVER knew you either. You Rats & Tavistock and Fabian scum will have no where to hide.
Hiding behind your fake libertarian facard came down long ago. At best you are a useful Nascent fool, but Perigo & his ex head of TVNZ and fabian Marxist Faggot "comrade" will see prison bars too.

At least it spelled my name right.


  1. This is what I don't get:
    Communism? Jews!
    International bankers? Jews!
    The liberal media establishment? Jews!
    Fox News? Jews!
    ISIS? Jewish conspiracy!
    Israel? JEWS! [Well... okay... fair enough I guess]

    I'm not saying every anti-semite believes all of the above, just that I have seen all of the above levelled by various anti-semites.

    I imagine this is someone who thinks even Alex Jones is a Tavistock psyop rather than just another batshit frother like themselves.

  2. What is worrying is these lunatics get a vote.

  3. Tavistock was a new one on me, so having googled it I see there is nothing to worry about. Tavistock obviously own the prisons, so a stint in prison will no doubt just be another holiday. A get together with all your Tavistock mates.

    1. That letter shows just what a rainbow spectrum socialism has these days. You've got the Jew bashers from both the right and left these days, though the left uses corporate banker code to avoid breaking pc law, and now it appears to be in fashion to hate ex-socialists who have seen the light, especially if they're gay and...sod it, I'll stop there. Can we get a profile shot of your nose Peter, just to see if you are in fact, you know, one of 'them'.
      J Cuttance


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