Monday, 13 July 2015

Top 10 ramble links

I always take a quiet side-bet with myself which links from my Friday Morning Ramble will prove most popular over the weekend, and which will barely get touched. A few of you have asked me as well.

This week I only scored moderately well, mostly because I thought news of the flatworm that uses 'hypodermic penis' to inject sperm into its own head would rank astonishingly well. But instead you were mostly drinking the hard stuff and keeping it local, because …

  1. Reversing the decline in speakers of te reo Māori
  2. NZ First insider – Hell hath no fury like a Martin scorned
  3. New paper suggests no warming in NZ in past 100 years
  4. 5-billion-year-old signal detected from deep space as part of Australian satellite project
  5. Why India’s government is targeting Greenpeace
  6. A history of the bikini, a beloved innovation in fashion design
  7. It's stunt season for show ponies
  8. 5 Rules to designing a great home
  9. Skypath decision labelled moronic
  10. The man who spared Hitler’s life in WW I


  1. Published this on Friday, but google's "Click and Clear " add-on must be more aggressive / thorough than realised. Commented along the lines of your Friday ramble often includes a comedy piece. From the link below, all you can do is laugh at the idiot; and feel sorrow he has so many followers.
    Pope Francis rant again

  2. Pope Francis rather silent about all the pedophilia his Church has inflicted. Yet he would rather rant about the supposed evils of Capitalism, which has bought us devilish climate change. I note he wasn't upset by Bolivian president wearing a Che Guaverra shirt. (The so-called Argentinian freedom fighter who thought Mao Zedong was too gentle on his people; would have approved of Pol Pot).
    Has Pope said anything about female circumcision - that other abomination inflicted on children [haven't heard any]
    Has Pope condemned Islamic atrocities ~ I've only heard him repeat the Peaceful religion lie about Islam
    And so many go gooey-eyed over this moron {better than the Nazi he replaced I suppose}


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