Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Put down the bloody video games and go outside

Show this to a family who needs it.

And talk to them about the importance of hands-on sensory experiences.

[Hat tip Maria Montessori Education Foundation]

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  1. My 5yo son explained to me two days ago that he watches videos/plays games as a way to stay a kid. We went on to discuss that he doesn't feel secure enough to be 6, to develop, and what we could do about that.

    If this is universal then screen time is a way for children to avoid the pains of climbing Maslow's developmental pyramid. The little boy in the video who says he would die without....he's not even kidding, that's the way it really feels.

    In that case parents need to meet security needs to support the child to grow (and not subsidise the electronic refuges.) "Put down the bloody video games and go outside" is too blunt.


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