Friday, 31 July 2015

Friday Morning Ramble

A random walk through a few things I was going to talk to you about this week, but ran out of time …


imageSo the “Adam Goodes being booed” saga has now jumped the Tasman, even though no bastard here knows who he is.
Still … you should. You really should.
Goodes no certainty to return 
              – AFL.COM.AU
Please fill me in on what has happened today in the Goodes booing issue? 
              – John Harms, FOOTY ALMANAC
Who was Adam Goodes talking to on Friday night?
              – Peter Baulderstone, FOOTY ALMANAC, June 3
Fans who boo Goodes are bigots: Coach Scott 
              – GEELONG CATS
A guide to busting the Adam Goodes excuses 
              – Lachie Gaylard, FOOTY ALMANAC
UPDATE: Captains unite: Enough is enough – AFL.COM.AU

Turns out only 30 per cent of new mortgage loans by value over these 10 months were to “investors,” whereas 69 per cent were to owner-occupiers. So …
Lending to investors: still no smoking gun – Michael Reddell, CROAKING CASSANDRA

Wealth inequality? Don’t blame Thomas Piketty’s villains. Blame local government, whose meddling in property rights causes artificial scarcity in housing.
Local Governments Are The Source Of Housing Inequality – Chuck DeVore, THE FEDERALIST

“Building and Housing Minister Nick Smith has seized on a National Construction Pipeline Report as proof his policies are working… But his rosy predictions are lost on urban development commentator Hugh Pavletich. ‘Out-of-control house price inflation tells us all we need to know about the success and failure of Nick Smith’s housing policies in Auckland.’”
Housing expert dismisses Smith's Pipeline reportChris Hutching, NBR

Seems like the Nick Smith building performance narrative has been shot to pieces within a few hours …
New dwelling consents were down overall last month, but up in Auckland and flat in Christchurch – INTEREST.CO.NZ
Building approvals tipped to fall – YAHOO NEWS
Building Consents Issued – STATISTICS NEW ZEALAND

The conjunction of the dollar and the gun.
How for-profit prisons have become the biggest lobby no one is talking about – WASHINGTON POST

“Volumes of research and centuries of experience do not bear out claims that immigrants ‘take our jobs,’ don’t learn English, and fail to assimilate. But the idea that immigrants could vote to upend our relatively free economy has an air of credibility. It is arguably the best argument against liberalising immigration.” However…
How Good Is the Best Argument Against Immigration? – Alex Nowrasteh, ANYTHING PEACEFUL

Cochrane: "Illegal immigration is easy to fix. Make it legal."
A Comment On Security And The Peregrine Survey – John Cochrane, HOOVER INSTITUTION

The drug war is exhausting the coffers of big governments.
Three more UK police forces signal that they will turn blind eye to cannabis use – TELEGRAPH

A wee reminder …

“The traditional left-right spectrum is badly corrupted, because conservatives, the so-called right, have not even understood, let alone advocated, free markets and real Capitalism.”
Conservatives against the Core Principles of Capitalism – SAVVY STREET

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“Only one hand was raised in opposition, but a veto should never be allowed to deny justice…”
Australian FM Slams Russia Over Shoot-Down of Civilian Plane: Your Veto ‘Compounds the Atrocity’ – CNS NEWS

Quote: “Many converts (to Islam) leave the faith. We don’t have exact statistics but some stats say 50 per cent will leave within a few years.”
Islam: Fastest Shrinking Religion in the World – JIHAD WATCH

Turns out he doesn't love death as we love life.
'Jihadi John' flees ISIS, fears death: Reports – YAHOO NEWS

“’Some Cultures Are Simply Better.’ Just by saying this you will often be called a 'racist'. This is nonsense.”
Multiculturalism: A Free Pass for Islam – ATHEIST REPUBLIC

Are you keeping up with the Stephen Hicks/John Wright debate on religion?
Theist vs. Atheist: What Should You Believe? – STEPHEN HICKS 

"The essence of life is the achievement
of joy, not the escape from pain."
- Ayn Rand

3d Printing. The possibilities are endless – even taking your entire wardrobe with you on a memory stick!


Danit Peleg, a 27 year old Israeli fashion design student 3D-printed an entire fashion collection from home!

Posted by START-UP NATION on Tuesday, July 28, 2015

“What's especially incredible is that this instrument was only conceptual in Da Vinci's mind. It didn't exist until this man spent 5,000 hours creating it for the first time.”
Listen to the instrument da Vinci invented but never got to hear – CLASSICAL MPR.ORG

Decide which you prefer …
24 totally cringe-worthy classical music jokes – CLASSIC FM
22 of the best insults in classical music – CLASSIC FM

Iggy Pop Dry Humps a Teddy Bear, Slash Discusses Blow Jobs & Other Notorious Musician Moments on Kids' TV.
15 Hilarious And Calamitous Appearances By Musicians On Kids TV Shows - NME

Technology changes human lives. Feel free to let your eyes water.

Eschewing cliches and beer talk. If by “eschewing” is meant embracing.
The typical Yorkshireman wears a flat cap and loves nothing better than a pint of good Yorkshire ale with his whippet at his feet – Neil Miller, MALTHOUSE BLOG

Time for …
50 Twitter Jokes – THE POKE

Here to help you out:

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And finally …


  1. Of course. Finally with 3D printing a solution to my socks and undies problem.

  2. Slavery was legal.
    The holocaust was legal.
    Segregation was legal.
    Murdering, dismembering and selling small humans IS legal.

    Never use the state as a metric for ethics.


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