Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Colin James is still a know-nothing

Colin James, the political pundit who could bore for New Zealand, has little in the way of acumen to redeem his turgid prose.
Here’s part of his latest piece of political puffery, frothing about the forthcoming National Conference:
Throw in Bill English’s diversification of how the state does its business, which gives National more of a look than Labour as the party generating modern policy in a changing world. Delegates can celebrate the smaller state they yearn for and moralise about, and also feel the cabinet has innovative energy.
Oh yes. A “small” state, and constantly getting constantly “smaller”…

…one whose debt has just ticked over the NZ$100 billion mark:

Colin James has history talking up Bill English: he was chief cheerleader for English as National leader (talking again about his “insightful” “modern” policy-generation) the election year that English became Mr 22%.
Colin James is a moron. But not an un-partisan one.
[Hat tip Lindsay Mitchell. Debt figures from http://www.nationaldebtclocks.org/ and NZ Treasury.]


  1. Damm you politicians!!! Dam you bunch of pricks!!! Now I'm laying it down, ya'll had best be picking it up!!!


    Quit selling MY COUNTRY to the Chinese-communists and get your asses out on the streets and create some F-ing earners!!!

  2. Looking at those numbers, could the Cabinet try instead perhaps to dial back on the 'innovative energy'?


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