Sunday, 14 June 2015

“Traditional marriage" according to the Bible

For everyone who condemns other’s marriage because “their Bible” says their marriages are unBiblical …

And did you know in the tales told of Jesus Christ that he himself condemned divorce?

Hat tip Scary Bible Quote of the Day, who says of many bashers of Bibles:

At a certain point, the ignorance of their own faith and HATRED toward people different from themselves is so transparent that even they must feel SOME guilt.


  1. You really are not going to impress anyone with you knowledge of the Bible, and most particularly the New Testament and the Christian faith or its theology or moral teachings. Typical "libertarian"--you claim to want "freedom" but you do not even understand it roots. Cherry picking out of context--and completely ignoring the clear condemnation of Sodomy--and then imagining that you have "discovered" some "truth", or some "hypocrisy" is the sort of cheap, superficial and sophistical rhetoric one expects out of the Left.

    If you were really serious about understanding your Civilization you would make a better attempt to understand Christianity, which is, after all, the root of that great Civilization. You seem to often bemoan the growing decadence of that Civilization, but with cheap shots ike tghis you only aid those that would destroy it.

  2. @Anonymous: Too timid to put your name to your opinion? Yes, makes sense when your opinion is as all-over-the-shop as this is.

    "Cherry picking"? You mean, like abstracting the various kinds of marriage allowed by the Bible and citing references? OMG, the *horror*!

    "Understand Christianity"? If you weren't aware these were Biblical positions, perhaps it's you who don't?

    Christianity is "the root of [our] great Civilization"? See, it's clear you don't understand your own ideology yourself. The root of our great civilisation is not Christianity, it's Greek thought. (Indeed, for better or worse it's even the root of your Christianity, but --again for better or worse -- that's a whole other story.)

    "Cheap shot"? Yes, you're right, I should stop pointing out what's in the Bible. Because it will only put people off. Oh, hang on ...

  3. Peter it's your incessant rantings against the Bible and Christians that makes this blog ........yawn.

  4. Oh, and another thing I am a Greek and let me tell you sonny, you no nothing about how us Greeks think.

    1. You're a classical Greek! My goodness, you must have a healthy liver to have lived this long.

    2. Well, he must have used one of his classical greek coins for a horcrux. Or possibly more than one. But making horcruxes was easier back then. You didn't need to kill anyone, just make fatuous statements.


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