Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Montessori School, by Organon Architecture


So some of you have been suggesting I start posting more regular art and architecture posts again. And others have suggested I post more of what I’m designing myself.

So at the risk of boring my other reader, and the troll, here’s something that’s on the board at the moment: a new Montessori school, with 3 classrooms, quiet decks, parents space, shared kitchen, internal garden ...



  1. Fantastic timing! I was just this weekend looking on your Organon Architecture blog so I could share this with a Montessori advocate who is also the newest fan of your work (and of all things "Irish", and she's a vegetarian...).

    Hopefully she can compliment you on this piece in person later this year.

  2. She sounds like a very perceptive and well-grounded woman. I look forward to her compliments. :-)


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