Monday, 8 June 2015

ACT acting on voluntary euthanasia.

Since we gave David Seymour a hard time not so long ago about refusing to back a bill supporting voluntary euthanasia – the ultimate expression that your life is your own – it’s only appropriate now to praise him now.

Lecretia Seales’s very sad case has certainly concentrated a few minds. It has thrust the issue back on the public agenda with a very concrete case.

The judge in Lecretia Seales’s petition for the right to have a doctor assist her death decided it was ultimately a matter for parliament, not the courts. And, right on cue,

ACT leader David Seymour has confirmed he is drafting a member's bill calling for a debate on [voluntary] euthanasia and will urge the Government to adopt the bill.
    Seymour said the public view had changed over recent years and polls suggested most Kiwis were in favour of choice.
    "Since 1995 and 2003 the world has changed quite dramatically and I believe that it's time for Parliament to actually debate this issues."
    "This is something that has to be done right - certainly the public opinion is overwhelmingly in favour according to all the polling."

Opportunistic it might be, but there’s nothing wrong with acting on principle when the opportunity finally strikes. Even if it takes a wee nudge.

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  1. "Opportunistic it might be, but there’s nothing wrong with acting on principle when the opportunity finally strikes."

    Sorry if I'm being pedantic but that would be acting on opportunity not acting on principle. Principle is being placed in the anterior and that is wrong.


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