Friday, 29 May 2015

Friday morning ramble

Who owns your or the state?
Seales 'can't choose time of death' – STUFF

More regulatory barriers to disruptive technologies.
Diplomat's dinner on Uber menu – NZ HERALD

It doesn’t matter that Bill English can’t find surplus? Think again.
Why Government Deficits and Debt Do Matter – Richard Ebeling, COBDEN CENTRE

“The only way I can make sense of Lee Suckling's renting experience in Auckland is that we're in a rental rationing equilibrium. What does that mean?”
Rental rationing equilibria? – Eric Crampton, OFFSETTING BEHAVIOUR

“It is positively incredible to watch but no one has a clue what they are doing wrong.”
The United States will become less wealthy every year for the next decade – Steven Kates, LAW OF MARKETS

Iran has launched an anti-Isis cartoon competition, inviting submissions from around the world which mock the militant group and the atrocities it has committed.
Iran launches anti-Isis cartoon competition - and the entries are extraordinary – INDEPENDENT

“Socialist genius Bernie Sanders has figured out what’s really ailing the West: Our store shelves have too many different brands of deodorant and sneakers. Just look at all those horrible, fully stocked aisles at Target and Walgreens and Walmart and Payless and DSW and Dick’s Sporting Goods. It’s a national nightmare! If only consumers had fewer choices in the free market, fewer entrepreneurs offering a wide variety of products, and fewer workers manufacturing goods that people wanted, Sanders believes, we could end childhood hunger. Nobody parodies the far Left better than far-leftists themselves.
Ask Venezuelans How Sanders-Style Socialism Is Working Out for Them – Michelle Malkin, NATIONAL REVIEW
Another triumph of socialism: Venezuelan Bolivar Now Worth More as Toilet Paper Than as Money – HIT & RUN

“As debate rages over the radicalisation of young British Muslims, are we overlooking a different crisis of faith? Ex-Muslims who dare to speak out are often cut off by their families … fear for their lives,” and have no support from the culture. “She blames the ghettoisation of multiculturalism and identity politics for this ….”
Losing their religion: The hidden crisis of faith among Britain’s young Muslims – GUARDIAN

Soccer. Dull, boring … and utterly corrupt.
FIFA Corruption Scandal Is 'World Cup Of Fraud' – SKY NEWS

… and the Global Warming cult is led by who else, but the great carbon offset tycoon, Mr. Al Gore...
MIT Climate Scientist: Global warming believers a "cult" – BREITBART

Fascinating. “French and German real GDP per capita as a percentage of British GDP per capita, 1820–2010.”

“The European Central Bank is continuing with its negative interest rate policy, but it's not having the desired effect. Instead, the central bank is just filling the void by buying up government debt with newly created money...”
The ECB and the Negative-Interest-Rate Game – Frank Hollenbeck, MISES DAILY

“An entire generation of students has been taught to accept Efficient Markets Theory as gospel. They have learned about investing in securities in an academic environment that rejects fundamental analysis. Adherence to the Efficient Markets Theory forces one to conclude the market cannot be outperformed, and leads one to liken investing in securities to casino gambling. With the Austrian School of economics as his starting point, Frank Shostak has begun the process of re-examining Efficient Markets Theory.”
In Defense of Fundamental Analysis: A Critique of the Efficient Market Hypothesis – Frank Shostak, REVIEW OF AUSTRIAN ECONOMICS
In Defense of Fundamental Analysis: Securities Arbitrage & the Efficient Market Theory – Greg Kaza, QUARTERLY JOURNAL OF AUSTRIAN ECONOMICS

“I have been hearing this question more and more...”
How much of the value of the internet is not captured in GDP? – Tyer Cowen, MARGINAL REVOLUTION

“Poverty doesn’t spring up all at once. It is a relatively rapid transformation, but it still takes about a decade to really unfold. The disastrous American future, and of our own, is being prefigured even now as the ability of the American economy to maintain living standards is rapidly falling away.”
Losing economic ground – Steve Kates, LAW OF MARKETS

“Steve Kates on why Keynes is bollocks and most economists harm the economy.”
The Marriage of Theory and Policy – QUADRANT

“Postmodernism holds that our identities are constructed by our race or gender or class identies. What’s wrong with this theory?” Author of Explaining Postmodernism explains.
The Postmodern Assault on Reason – STEPHEN HICKS

“Altruism has commonly been held up as the standard for moral behaviour, with those claiming to see deviations from altruism commonly condemning the deviants as selfish or greedy.” But …
Is Altruism Really a Virtue? – Gary Galles, MISES BLOG

PS: Did you know a new grant-making fund was announced at the Ayn Rand Institute’s 2014 Objectivist Summer Conference. “The new fund will award grants (or loans) to individuals to assist in their efforts to promote Objectivist ideas.” So what are you waiting for?
The Objectivist Venture Fund

“I offer this short list of seriously dumb copyright myths to help you through the clutter of free culture bunkum. Hope it helps…”
5 Seriously Dumb Myths About Copyright the Media Should Stop Repeating – I HEART COPYRIGHT

When city “planners” make it hard to live in cities, the hardy find ways to get around their rules. Watch “A Spaghetti Western on Lean Urbanism.”

“Pianist Daniel Barenboim brings back Romantic-era piano design because of Romantic-era pianos' greater colour and individuality of tone/registers. Quelle surprise ...”
Daniel Barenboim designs 'radical' new piano - BBC News

Great examples of forced perspective:

Kellogg “is also a dreamer of epic, unconventional proportion… he never was a Taliesin Fellow, but Wright was his major inspiration nonetheless… Kellogg designed and engineered more than a dozen startling residences, including the Surfer House in La Jolla and the Onion House in Kona, Hawaii, as well as a massive funnel-shaped stone and glass chapel in Karuizawa, Japan (below), that has for nearly 30 years been one of the country’s most popular wedding sites.”

[Hat tips Sally O’Brien, Stephen Hicks, Jim Rose, Alan Moran, Paul Litterick, Stan Stewart, Olivia Mary Pierson, Michael Brown, Anoop Verma, Monica Beth, Luke Locke]

PS: Yes, I’ve been having problems posting blogs. And formatting the bastards. And getting pictures sorted. And I’m not the only one …
Windows live writer won’t connect to blogger – MICROSOFT COMMUNITY
Blogger Windows Live Writer - Blogger returned the following error: NotFound: Not Found – Workaround – MY BEER BUZZ

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