Monday, 9 February 2015

Modern Australians have such a short attention span

Modern Australians have such a short attention span.

Kevin Rudd official portrait.jpgThey grew tired of old John Howard in 2007, throwing him over for an overwhelmingly popular prefect called Kevin. *

Julia Gillard 2010.jpgThe popularity didn’t last. They soon remembered they couldn’t abide prefects, so his party threw him out after three years and voted in a headmistress.

Kevin Rudd official portrait.jpgAnd after three years, they remembered they really didn’t like headmistresses either  and asked for the perfect prefect back.

Meanwhile, the Blue team were running through their own leadership lists until they found one the electorate quite liked, mostly because (unlike the Malcolm in the Middle whom he supplanted) he had opinions.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott (cropped).jpgMalcolm Turnbull - Flickr - Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer (1).jpgThis was so successful that the electorate through out the prefect they remembered they hated and elected the monk they’d forgotten was mad, until after a time (or the time he knighted a duke, anyway) they remembered they didn’t much like opinions either. Especially his.

                                     (You keeping up?)

Prime Minister Tony Abbott (cropped).jpgMeanwhile, the twitterati and literati were still carrying such a torch for the Malcolm in the Middle (who tended to lean more left than middle in a way the twitterati and literati rather liked) that he decided he could sleepwalk to a place in his party’s hearts ahead of the monk over differences more about populism and personality rather than policy.

Only it turns he couldn’t.

Not today, anyway,

Leaving the nominally frugal momentarily in charge of the always fickle.

Here’s Stevie Wonder with the two-word summary of the monarchist monk’s egregious faux pas that led to today’s non-decision:.

* No relation whatsoever to the Undertones’s Perfect Cousin.

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