Thursday, 15 January 2015

What ‘The West’ refers to …

From Dr Michael Hurd’s article ‘What the Terrorist War Against “the West” Really Means’:

The “West” does not refer primarily to a geographic region, and it’s obviously not limited to the United States. The “West” refers to a set of ideas embodied in countries like the United States and France, almost always subconsciously in the minds of most people. It refers to a set of attitudes, beliefs and convictions that most people don’t even realize they possess, at least until something like this happens. It’s rooted in the pro-reason (and implicitly pro-freedom) ideas of Aristotle, objective reality, rational science, and all the ideas and principles which tend to dominate in periods of enlightenment and inventiveness (ancient Greece, the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolutions of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries); and are nowhere to be found in periods dominated by raw faith, allegiance to church over freedom and concern with the afterlife over the present and real life (the Dark Ages, and the period of religious totalitarianism now taking hold in much of the Middle East and attempting to spread beyond.)
    So what does it mean to have a “pro-Western” attitude?
Examples are as follows


  1. "It’s a war against all things Western, all things pro-reason, pro-science, pro-technology, pro-life on earth as opposed to the primitive, the deliberately irrational or non-rational, and the backward for the sake of the backward. The Nazis and Communists, evil as they were, wanted these things, only they wanted to gain them via force, militarism and dictatorship. The non-Western Islamic terrorists are different. They wish to destroy all that makes life on earth valuable, possible and meaningful. They seek to destroy this, for us and for themselves, in the name of what they call “religion.”
    Couldn't help thinking about The Greens and how they seek to destroy us with 'non-physical ' means; they're non Western in Hurd's sense

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