Friday, 30 January 2015

Opposition leader stepping down

The two speeches on the state of our non-union were not real news, but this is:


I disagree with virtually every word Russel Norman has ever said, but he has been the single most effective opposition leader ever since he became one. And I have said that before. Like many others, I take him seriously because, despite his frequent insanity – his loony economics, bankrupt proposals, amusing election bribes, misanthropic policy positions and utter lies-- when he does get it right he’s good; he’s very good indeed. As he has been on the rise of the #SurveillanceState: the only politician attacking the issue to retain both his principles and his dignity.

His resignation is a big hole both for the opposition, and for the Greens – who in their sexist way are obliged to select another male as their co-leader. To see for yourself how big the hole, try naming the next male on the Green Party’s list without resorting to Google…


  1. Its 2015 and progressives have decided that gender is a decision for the day. On that basis the Greens can elect anyone as long as they identify with the appropriate gender on the day of the vote so don't look for another man. They will also need to be a batshit crazy control freak but that is automatic for any applicant.

    I think Hague will be it - he's qualified.


  2. I prefer the description from the New Zealand Herald soon after he was elected: an Australian leading a party suspicious of foreigners and a middle-aged political junkie who made small points badly.

  3. I have wager on the left, it goes like this. Green will have no Government positions in 2017, wager = $1000 each way No takers yet


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