Thursday, 4 December 2014

Comments CAPTCHA

You know, according to Blogger’s Blog Stats I had 5,129 pageviews yesterday … but only nine comments.


Go figure.

Maybe when Google’s new replacement for that horrible anti-spam CAPTCHA system finally filters down to this humble blog’s comments system, it will be so much easier for everyone to comment that the boards will be lighting up.

I can dream, can’t I?

[Hat tip Greig McG.]


  1. Blogger is full of issues; I'd change to Wordpress but just can't be bothered. Posted my biggest post yesterday, and I think my most important, but because of its size it didn't update on any blogroll.

    Actually, April mission: Wordpress.

  2. @Mark: Why don't you send me a pithy "taster" of your piece, and I can post it here with a link?

  3. An offer I can't refuse. Appointments upcoming, however, so won't be able to send until mid-afternoon.

    Remind me of your email again to mhubbard at ihug dot co do nz

  4. Impressed there were 134,000 visitors last month and keep up the good work; it is not just commenting but voting and buying cinema tickets (to Atlas Shrugged 1/2/3 for instance) which is also beyond the capabilities of 99.8% of them.

  5. Yes, the friday wrap up is pretty expansive , and you feel like you have to be on your toes to comment there, but hey you're lucky PC, one of the few comments I ever received on my blog site was from a guy I didn't know, told me he was my son.

  6. Peter, I read your blog all the time and I love it.... but I can't ever comment because I'm almost always using my phone.

    The stupid CAPTCHA thingy wont allow comments from a phone because the button is hidden or doesn't work.

    You will get craploads of comments if you drop this idiotic format. What you write is always very readable and intelligent and hobnailing your site with CAPTCHA seems counterproductive to me.

    Cheers - Dave Mann


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