Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Another Bermuda triangle we can do without

Grant Dalton is about to go the taxpayer government to talk turkey about getting “support” for a sum from the government taxpayer to help prop up his budget --  projected to be “north of $100 million” -- for Team Dalton to contest the next America’s Cup, announced yesterday to be held in Bermuda.

Dalton didn’t make the argument in his round of interviews this morning, presumably because he thought he wouldn’t need to, that New Zealand involvement would be good for New Zealand business. He was only concerned it would be good for Team Dalton.

But since others will be making that case on his behalf, let’s kick it out of the park right now.

I don’t say another tilt at the America’s Cup won’t be good for New Zealand business. I don’t say that it will either. What I do say is that if particular New Zealand businesses think it will be good for them, then they should pony up themselves

There is no case that NZ taxpayers should be made to pay for specific NZ businesses to benefit.

If Grant Dalton wants help, let him do the rounds of sponsors and make the case it will benefit them. Don’t approach the government with the begging bowl out hoping they will extract it from the taxpayer on their behalf.

That’s another Bermuda triangle we can do without.

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