Tuesday, 21 October 2014

When the answer is Bryan Gould…


Bryan Gould has been selected to run the post-election review of Labour’s failure.

He is a man fully qualified for the job.

What he doesn’t know about failing Labour parties isn’t worth knowing. After all, that’s where he spent a whole lifetime.


_BryanGouldGould was a senior part of the British Labour Party that made themselves unelectable for virtually a generation.

Leaders Neil Kinnock and Michael Foot were Labour’s gifts to Margaret Thatcher and John Major – making even the sub-mediocre Major look good enough to bring home the electoral bacon.

Gould however kept the blinders on, describing Welsh windbag Neil Kinnock as a statesman and the insane Michael Foot a genius, before discovering that even  as bad as Labour was, it wasn’t so bad it wanted him as leader – a man the rank and file knew could bore for Britain. (Gould was the man wheeled out at conferences when you wanted to clear a room.)

British Labour’s gain was our loss.

He left party and country in high dudgeon and returned home to nurse his grudges -- with a lifetime’s good timing, just as Tony Blair finally turned the party and its fortunes around. He watched from afar at accolades he thought should have been his, having achieved nothing in his time in politics but rejection.


The Wairarapa  windbag now nurses his unrecognised genius at the University of Waikato.

And on failing Labour Parties, he has made a career-long study: indeed, it’s the only subject on which he has any expertise at all.

Which makes him an excellent choice, especially if long-term failure is what you’re after.




  1. Apt post PC. Gould's columns in granny Herald reveal him to be inhabiting a parallel universe in which the law of causality has yet to be identified. Great choice Labour. As good as silent-t.

  2. If you want to have a good laugh go to youtube.com and search for the BBC election coverage 1987 and 1992.

    I am reluctant to post a link on Peter's website so you need to search for it yourself.

    They have the entire (8 hours or so) coverage available to watch, and you can see Bryan Gould - Labour campaign manager - in 1987 talking about the resounding victory in his own constituency....about 2 hours before the result is announced showing a large swing to the Conservatives. Hilarious to watch!

    In 1992 (I swear I am not making this up, by the way) you see Bryan Gould, about 20 minutes into the broadcast ....(wait for it)....declaring that John Major has lost the election! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

    With Gould conducting the review do not be surprised when he not only reports back there are no problems whatsoever with the Labour party or its campaign, but probably that they actually won the election haha!

    The guy is brain dead and a joke

  3. Where is Mat McCarten or Greg Presland or even Martyn Bradbury when we need them . Also Lynn Prentiss, omg . These people are amazing. I wrote to Lynn at the Stranded , he said i was banned on that site for three life times. Thats a long time to be a Conservative .


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