Tuesday, 9 September 2014

He’s right, you know

Bill English said last week National will give more detail on its tax plans this week.

There was no detail.

Not unless the only detail that satisfies you is Bill English’s John Key’s desire to deliver tax cuts by 2017 – a desire bringing back promises lies of elections past, and a date conveniently butting up against the next round of election lies promises.

This is trying to get two electoral bites at the one tax-cut cherry.

Greens co-leader Russel Norman says it is “unfathomable” National could make a promise it could not explain, accusing National of attempting to buy the election with tax cuts the country cannot afford.

And, of course, for once, he’s right.

Well, he’s almost right.

The country could certainly afford tax cuts now and for many more years in the future if the government would just consider cutting its over-spending so it could get on with cutting its rampant and still-growing debt.


But as we see from this election’s Bribe-O-Meter, whatever promises of future surpluses it continues to dangle delicately in front of voters, this government is already promising an extra half-a-billion per year of overspending over and above its existing overspending, even while the debt it built up continues to increase.

bribe-o-meter-logo.pngAs long as that overspending continues, the country certainly cannot afford tax cuts.

Mind you, if we average out the spending of Labour and all the GIMP parties with whom it would have to coalesce to form a government, the additional overspending is in the order of an extra $5 billion per year!

And the country certainly can’t afford that.


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  1. Nationals tax cut plan is ruse to get D Cunliffe to Oppose it saying Labour will not give tax cuts but tax increases. This may turn voters off who maybe thinking of voting Labour to vote elsewhere , possibly even condervative


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