Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Arabs not supporting Hamas?

Elan Journo observes that Arab regimes in the past “would pounce to vilify Israel’s efforts at defending itself from Palestinian aggression, but curiously, many have been quiet amid the Gaza war.”

Why so?

One explanation, sketched in this New York Times piece, is that the Arab states view the Islamists of Hamas (whose patron is Iran) as a major problem, a higher priority than their (unwarranted) enmity toward Israel. If so, that implies these regimes understand the Islamist threat better than many in the West.

An exception of course is , pointed out by the Washington Times, is the Terrorist State of Iran.

Hamas rockets are Iranian rockets. The rockets that have been fired into Israel from Gaza have Iranian fingerprints all over them. The longer-range M302 and M75 rockets were smuggled to Hamas courtesy of Iran. Hamas has indigenous rocket capabilities thanks to Iranian training.

And the ‘Arab street’? There's a negative tinge to some of the online chatter too.

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