Monday, 16 June 2014

Piss Off, Grant.

It’s starting to look as if Grant Dalton is well-named, because he’s after another one. A grant. A handout. A reach-around from taxpayer to pocket -- the pocket being his and his colleagues, the lever to extract the dosh being the fear “we” may not have another America’s Cup challenge.

Without an immediate cash injection the syndicate are, in the words of boss Grant Dalton, "gone by the end of the month."

And if Mr Dalton is looking nowhere else than the dwindling resources of the taxpayer for that injection (and the statement is made in the context of approaching the government yet again with a begging bowl), then it should be.

Because his America’s Cup programme is looking increasing like it’s just welfare for well-fed sailors.

If he and his colleagues want to run another challenge, then I suggest they approach a few of those businessmen and women who can be heard saying the America’s Cup would be “good for the economy.” People like Marine Industry Association boss Peter Busfield. If people like Mr Busfield think it would be good for the their economy, then let them either front up, or shut up. Put your hand in your own pocket, Peter, and keep it out of ours.

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