Wednesday, 25 June 2014

ECONOMICS FOR REAL PEOPLE: “Freedom, the fundamental human right”

Our friends at the Auckland University Economics Group are all busy acing exams at the moment, but they’ve spotted a public event this Monday evening they reckon will be good.

Hi everyone,
    For those in Auckland after exams, a public presentation this coming Monday evening (30 June) at the University of Auckland Business School should interest you. 
    Tim Wilson, Australia’s Human Rights Commissioner, will be speaking on “Freedom, the fundamental human right.” Tim is a very controversial person in Australia so it promises to be very interesting. And maybe controversial.
    Who is Tim Wilson? According to his bio …

          He has extensive experience in public debate and has had many regular radio and television
     commitments, with both commercial and public broadcasters. The Australian newspaper recognised
    Tim as one of the ten emerging leaders of Australian society. He has written extensively for newspapers,
     journals and books....

For more information about this event and to register, please go to the event’s website
And check us out on the web, and join the debates, at our Facebook page.

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