Monday, 16 June 2014

12 Types of Procrastinators

There are many kinds of procrastinator. Which one are you?

Me, I’m a bunch of these: a Panicker, a Perpetuator, a Gamer and (mostly) a Sidetracker. But not a cleaner. The windows are always safe around me when I’m working.

[Hat tip Noodle Food]


  1. Cleaner, List Maker, Perpetuator.

  2. I'm not on the list: have a drink and think (related to snacker I guess).

  3. Got one here similar to Mark, but she goes outside to have a coffee and a smoke.

  4. Definitely, I’m a cleaner (or a gamer which is almost the same thing). There is nothing better to assuage guilt from not doing work than doing less relevant (and less demanding) work. My room never got so clean except when I was studying for finals.


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