Thursday, 1 May 2014

More Good News From National! [update]

The great news is, National MPs are still leaving in droves!

imageMinister of Signage Maurice Williamson is the latest to fall on his sword For The Sake Of The Party– resigning as minister, if not (yet) as MP.The loss to the country from the resignation is incalculable – mostly because there is not a single lasting achievement from a lifetime in politics to add up.

So this makes, by some counts 15 National MPs about to leave the building for good.

Grounds for celebration, almost.

The bad news, however, and one reason not to celebrate yet, is that there are still people2 keen to replace them. Far, far too many.3

Sad but true.

UPDATE: No, turns out he has nothing else in his life besides his parliamentary pension. NewstalkZB just reports he plans to contest this next election.

1. But why the hell would he hang around now, after what is his (from memory) third demotion for being a bumbling fool. Time to choose a brighter future, Maurice.
2. I say “people,” though the jury remains out on whether entities wishing to be National candidates so conform.
3. A small but significant number challenging the given sartorial code by sporting Hawaiian shirts instead of suits.

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  1. He does have a legacy for all that troughing if I recall correctly in that he fronted the ID card aka photo driver's licence. That was a big loss of freedom so good riddance.



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