Tuesday, 13 May 2014

How About We All Just Drink to Have a Good Time

Auckland Police Superintendent Dickface Wowserbreath is in the paper again this morning arguing “nothing good happens on city streets after 3am,” therefore all drinking after 3am should be banned. By order.

Did I say arguing? No, while the word “therefore” is usually expected to accompany, perhaps, just by way of example, a connected series of points intended to establish a position, this bossyboots doesn’t need to bother with argument because he’s the one with the manpower. So simple assertion will do: of his own blowhard opinion that anyone out after 3am must have a problem.

Don’t see anything good in drinking after 3am? Fine, then don’t do it. But those who do see something in it, who maybe drink to have a good time, isn’t that their business? Isn’t it your business, Mr Superintendent, to serve and protect, not to boss and cajole.

Here’s Doug Stanhope, who (like many people) drinks to have a good time. Often well after 3am. (Warning, children: he might use a rude word!)

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  1. Maybe if he doesn't like doing his job he should choose one that he is more suited for. They don't seem to realise these days that they are there to catch criminals, not to boss law abiding citizens around.


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