Wednesday, 7 May 2014

BONUS QUOTE OF THE DAY: On ‘Cabinet Clubs,’ Secret Donors & Friends You Visit on the Way to the Airport


  1. Apparently the moral standard of political fundraising in New Zealand goes something like this -

    1. When National does it then it's wrong because they are just f___ing a__holes, according to their opponents

    2. When Labour/Greens fundraise they say "Comrades, we need money to fight against the capitalise boss class exploiters so when we do it we are morally justified" - so it is okay.

    The following things never ever occurred in New Zealand history, apparently -

    1. Ernie Davis donating to Labour in return for a captive market for his booze (to exploit the working classes the Labour party was apparently 'fighting for')
    2. The trade union gangsters getting compulsory membership fees (from vast numbers of National supporters) and donating to the Labour party in return for various legislation
    3. Sir Michael Fay coughing up $1 million to Labour in return for a seat on the BNZ Board in order to use the BNZ as a private piggy bank
    4. Sir Michael Fay donating another $1 million to Labour in order to avoid prosecution for insider dealing over NZ Rail
    5. Various slush funds controlled by Clayton Cosgrove and Damien O'Connor thanks to donations from the fishing, hospitality and bloodstock industries
    6. Norman Kirk walking into his office with wads of cash (as recorded in 'Diary of the Kirk Years') which amounted to 6 months of his salary

    All of these activities are commonplace with Labour/Greens - and as John Key warned yesterday in Parliament there are plenty of other examples and "don't go there"

    It is the usual Labour party trick of doing something (Anderton holding Wigram to rort MMP) and then hypocritically attack others when they do it (ACT in Epsom).

  2. Oh and one further thing is that the Cabinet Club involves various people, sitting down for a cup of tea, and exercising the following rights they possess under the NZ Bill of Rights Act -

    1. Section 14
    2. Section 16
    3. Section 17

    and to try and protect certain rights under the following parts of the legislation -

    Section 27(1)
    Section 27(2)

    Of course 'rights' only exist for salt of the earth working class losers, not for rich people, according to socialists and the media - so when some rich people seek to exercise their rights it is greeted with hysterical screaming.

    Needless to say when [you] speak to your MP it is not buying or corrupting him, but when a rich man does then it is buying and corrupting.

    Because when you do it is important dammit! ; you have spent years -YEARS I TELL YOU! - climbing on a particular hobby horse and if only everyone who dismisses you as a 'one issue nutter' weren't so ignorant, if only they saw the light, then all would be well with the you take it up with your MP (who turned out to be bloody useless, couldn't see the light as I explained it) - clearly he has been bought by evil special interests.

    Of course the MP (with a black sense of humour, presumably) who shakes you by the hand and promises to introduce a private members bill on the next sitting day - well, he is the greatest thing since sliced bread! - the lone honest voice in a corrupt Parliament.

    Then you can start on the Courts, highlighting the endemic corruption amongst Judges, especially that Judge who found against you.....


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