Thursday, 24 April 2014

See, I'm far from alone

"Fifty-five percent of the people in my neighbourhood have no religion, while [only] thirty-nine percent identify as Christian." Read Surprising Irreligiiosity at Ofsetting Behaviour.



  1. Where does being "Green" fit in the religious landscape. Seem to get original sin; sack-cloth and ashes; poverty exaltation; Gaia/ Earth worship; finger wagging wowserism with this lot

  2. its quite unusual PC that our Country is so Atheist compared to say America. My daughter is in Mississippi and she says there are churches everywhere. And well there are churches everywhere here also but we are converting them. There was a big solid Church just north of Oamaru came up for sale a few years ago, you wont believe this solid brick fort for about $120,000. I couldn't go to Oamaru, to live, its well too south, but last time I floated by that place it was a private house very nice.

  3. There is a difference between simply not having religious belief vs constantly obsessing over one particular branch of religion like a malcontent.

    Those who obsess over the Christian worldview tend to be one of two things. Extreme leftists or sexual eccentrics who are puked out over religious moral codes.

  4. I am neither an extreme leftist nor a sexual eccentric upset about religious moral codes, but I do not agree with religion. Religion is a foolish business and not fit for humans to involve themselves with. Better to do away with such. There is no room for arbitrary beliefs really. None.



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