Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Economics for Real People: Old World Crisis, New World Future - Dr Oliver Hartwich


What’s going on at this week’s Auckland Uni Economics Group? Here’s the lowdown:

Hi all.

In place of our usual Thursday evening meeting, we will instead be attending what promises to be a fascinating presentation this Wednesday evening by Dr Oliver Hartwich titled Old world crisis, new world future,

    a presentation on how global population changes and economic repolarisation are ushering in a ‘new world order.’
The future will increasingly be dominated by the Asia-Pacific region. For New Zealand, which has traditionally
    been associated as part of the West, it presents a unique opportunity to be a major beneficiary of the Asian
But it is a significant challenge too. As our neighbours in the wider region are fast developing their economies,
    we also need to improve our own in order to keep pace with the developments they are rapidly embracing.

Oliver is the Executive Director of the NZ Initiative -- you may remember his engaging presentation on Europe to the Economics Group last year.  Lie that one, this promises to be a cracker.

This talk has added relevance following last week’s insightful talk by Professor Tony Endres on NZ Industrial Policy and the many failures thereof.

Oliver is a very insightful speaker so don’t miss this opportunity.

Please note that due to this event there will be no meeting this Thursday. We look forward to seeing you this Wednesday evening. 

    Date: Wednesday 2 April
    Time: 6:30pm
   Location: Room OGGB5, Level 0, Business School,Owen G. Glenn Building, Grafton Rd (plenty of parking
                            in the Business School basement, entrance off Grafton Rd)

Please note that as this event is hosted by the University of Auckland you must register before Wednesday.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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