Monday, 31 March 2014

Mispresented, often, but at least she isn’t ignored…

From this morning’s NZ Herald:

So, who is Ayn Rand? I’m glad you asked.

[Hat tip Julian D.]


  1. That the Left views Key as a Randian kinda points out why they're just dying at the polls. They have no clue where the median sits.

  2. I only wish he were. Indeed, one could only wish he had any consistent policy position at all, beyond blancmange.

  3. it says something about the Heralds' readership that the cartoonist did not feel confident using the names of actual books, and had to state the (bastardized) principles on the covers. Arguably the average reader doesn't even know enough to get the joke.

  4. Does anyone actually purchase that newspaper? Why bother when you can get all the news for free on the net anyway and the Trade Me does all the rest.


  5. I wonder if owning a copy of Mein Kampf - as per Kim Dotcom - is as subversive as owning a copy of Atlas Shrugged?

  6. Mind you, the cartoonist and his editor both assume the Herald readership is familiar enough with Rand to know what he's trying to say. Which I see as a positive thing.
    First they ignore you, then they laugh at you ... etc.


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