Thursday, 20 February 2014

QUOTE OF THE DAY: On “Giving Back”

"Here’s another gigantic myth about capitalism: That those who
innovate and create owe others for the fact they made a lot of
money. In other words, they create something that’s so valuable,
that so many people need and wish to purchase, that they end up
becoming billionaires. Yet they’re told they have to 'give back.'
Give back? What did they take? If I take your car, I should give it
back. In fact, I shouldn’t steal in the first place. Stealing is wrong,
and it should be illegal. But creating and producing are not theft.
That’s why people become billionaires: Because they created
something very valuable, and in demand. (And if you don’t agree
what they sold is valuable, it’s not your concern to get involved.)" 
Michael Hurd – “Bill Gates is Wrong About 'Giving Back'


[Hat tip Andy Clarkson]

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