Tuesday, 17 December 2013

“I am a moron,” says tourism leader


The CEO of NZ’s Tourism Export Council, the trade association representing the interests of the New Zealand inbound tourism industry, reckons the key to job-hunting success lies in astrology.

Young folk looking for a new job should find out their potential employer’s star sign, TECNZ CEO Lesley Immink (right) told YoungTEC members.

Then, if asked what their sign is, they should say the same as that person because bosses employ people like themselves.

So not just idiocy, but dishonesty too.

    In a previous job, she said, there were many Virgos and Leos, the former being pedantic and exacting and the latter extroverts with charisma.

Then there are bloggers whose sign is Uranus, who despise this sort of nonsense.

I’m sure Ms Immink is a lovely person in every other respect. But let’s not give house room to belief that the stars guide our lives—or that you should begin your working life by lying to your boss.

[Hat tip Ian J.]


  1. it's a stupid lie in any event as you will have to provide date of birth on any HR form. Any boss who cares about this hogwash would notice the lie immediately.

    Unless she is advocating stating a false DOB.

  2. If Wishart is correct in his new book the UN runs along these fruity lines already. They are doing OK having sucked in a lot of, well, suckers who just happen to be in charge of stuff.

  3. Sorry, Amonymous, you lost me at "If Wishart is correct..." ;^)


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