Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Quote of the Day: On “The Angry Left”

“There’s a lot of hatred out there in the Angry Left, and a lot of paranoia about
sinister figures and corporations … The Left’s conspiracy-mentality does not come
from any sense of ideological impotence… The Angry Left’s vision of puppet
masters who pull the strings comes from a deeper cause: a feeling of personal
inadequacy.  ‘Some sinister forces are robbing me of my just desserts.’ …
“Hatred on the Left goes down to the core of the Leftist’s being. This is one of the
reasons that I’m so opposed to using the term “Liberal” to refer to the Angry Left.”

- Harry Binswanger, “When It Comes To Hate, The Left Beats The Right, Hands Down, FORBES


  1. Really?


    That is all.

  2. Bomber Bradbury comes to mind, I just look at some of theses left wingers and all I see is spiteful losers.

  3. Even relatively mild examples surprise me. I was astonished, for example, to see Russell Brown last week devote half of his brief Lou Reed tribute to denouncing imbecilic obits by Karl du Fresne and the Daily Mail, which he then continues in the comments section. It's puzzling. As if his first reaction upon Uncle Lou's passing wasn't to think about what Lou's music meant to him, but to begin finding bad obits he could hate on.

  4. Whereas it's not astonishing at all to see Lindsay Perigo denounce pretty much the entire human race (other than the holy Rand) in the most abusive fashion he can muster. Yep, the left is haters awright.

  5. Holden

    And you're not a hater......?



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