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Friday Morning Ramble: Thanksgiving Edition

No, New Zealand hasn’t succumbed to yet another American holiday. But the real story of Thanksgiving is such a fantastic story, even the pope couldn’t help but learn something from it.
How Private Property Saved the Pilgrims – Tom Bethell, HOOVER DIGEST
Some thoughts on Thanksgiving, from Ayn Rand – Tom Bowden, VOICES FOR REASON
Pope Francis shouldn't bite the hand that feeds the Catholic Church – Shikha Dalmia, WASHINGTON EXAMINER

“It happens every Thanksgiving: leftists crawl out from under their rocks and tell us that the holiday is a shameful celebration of ‘genocide.’ These days, their preferred medium is Twitter…”
Happy Genocide Day

Yes, the pope is a cock.
Pope Francis Blasts America – DR MICHAEL HURD
Pontificis Ignorantia – Peter Cresswell, NOT PC

Father Sirico talks about the value of free markets. “In this wide-ranging interview, he explains how he came to understand the value of the free market, realizing for instance how the radical redistribution of wealth could eviscerate the infrastructure of economic productivity.” Perhaps he could tell his boss.
Religion and Liberty – feat. Father Robert Sirico, LIBERTARIANISM.ORG

Graphs to be thankful for: Global poverty is plummeting.
23 charts to be thankful for this Thanksgiving – Dylan Matthews, WONK BLOG


Colon Craig and property rights are strangers.
Even Conservatively Speaking, Colin Craig is a Disappointment. – Mark Hubbard, LIFE BEHIND THE IRON DRAPE

“Working for Families” and “helping families out of poverty” are strangers.
Lindsay Mitchell on Working for Families – Lindsay Mitchell, WHALE OIL

When it’s alcohol and tobacco, costs are measured and manufactured, while benefits are largely ignored. Large sporting events,just the opposite.
Olympics don't pay – Paul Walker, ANTI DISMAL

There are worse things than driving hungover.
Driving while.... – Eric Crampton, OFFSETTING BEHAVIOUR

Well, that’s a little awkward for local Nannies.
No fall in smoking since plain packaging – VELVET GLOVE, IRON FIST

I tell you, nothing escapes researchers at top New Zealand universities, does it.
Blogs have become more influential and prominent in New Zealand – report – A.U.T., SCOOP

What do you do if you’re spending other people’s money on yourself? You spend $1.2 million on a "cafe-style space" in a building with a lease that expires next year.
Seven Sharp on Transpower's $1.2million cafe/reception – NZ TAXPAYER’S UNION
Waste Watch: Transpower spend $1.2million on a cafe and reception – NZ TAXPAYER’S UNION

The article and comments suggest some Cantabrians at least are beginning to realise that top-down central planning is not just failing to give them back their city, it’s also immoral.
This is theft, it's not right – Johnny Moore, STUFF

“Innovation does not appear to be a depleting resource but
an expanding, open-ended one. Instead of encountering
diminishing returns, new advances appear to be
expanding the horizon of new possibilities.”
- Robert Bradley, Julian Simon and the Triumph of Energy Sustainability

Technology creates supply. The mind creates technology. So the Ultimate Resource is … ?
Julian Simon and the Triumph of Energy Sustainability” Revisited: Part I – Sandy Liddy Bourne, MASTER RESOURCE
Julian Simon and the Triumph of Energy Sustainability” Revisited: Part II - Sandy Liddy Bourne, MASTER RESOURCE

Why we should be thankful to the innovators.
Thank Inventors and Innovators for a Better Life – Doug Bandow, CATO

How often have warmists peddled the starvation scare?
Warmists preach hunger, but crops grow and grow (above) – ANDREW BOLT

“Frankly, for me,” Carter said, “it is utterly astonishing that on the basis of five data points the world has been talked into revolutionizing its energy economy . . . .” Bob Carter, Fred Singer et al visit the Ayn Rand Institute to talk climate science.
Putting climate change in context: A Heartland Institute panel – Amanda Maxham, VOICES OF REASON

So, if CO2 causes more extreme weather, why aren't we seeing more extreme weather?
New report published today by the Global Warming Policy Foundation concludes that weather events are not increasing – GLOBAL WARMING POLICY FOUNDATION

NOAA: 2013 had fewest hurricanes since 1982 and no major hurricanes formed – THE HOCKEY SCHTICK

It’s not warming that kills people en masse. It’s cold.
Far unfit to bear the bitter cold – BISHOP HILL

The truth about the global warming agenda, by former NASA climatologist Roy Spencer…

Has Krugman recognised The Fed is forever blowing bubble?
So, Are Summers and Krugman Now Confirming That The Austrians Have Been Right About Bubbles? – Bob Murphy FREE ADVICE

Does Australia violate supply and demand?
The Minimum Wage: Are Economic Laws Valid in Australia? – Ben O’Neill, CIRCLE BASTIAT

Not a lot of people know this.
A (Visual) Tale of 25 Cities (And Half The World's GDP) – ZERO HEDGE

Students complain about their economics courses, but are not too sure what they’re complaining about.
Mathematical economics ≠ free market, heterodox economics should ≠ Marxism – Philip Booth, IEA.ORG

“If we send our brightest thru same dull texts, doing nothing but statistics the chance of better economists is remote.”
Making economists better economists – Steven Kates, CATALLAXY FILES

“The great thing about a bubble in a virtual currency is that there are so many nerds producing sexy charts to track it.”
Bitcoin is a global “tulip” – Houses and Holes, MACROBUSINESS

“Forget the Turing Test, I want the Trolling Test: an AI is intelligent
if it can have a conversation with a troll and not take the bait.”

- Neuroskeptic

Well, it’s not like ObamaCare came totally out of the blue, is it.
I guess I should’ve seen this Roosevelt-Roosevelt-Truman-Kennedy-Johnson-Nixon-Carter-Reagan-Clinton-Bush-Obama-care thing coming – Amanda Maxham, VOICES OF REASON

“Peace in Our Time,” said Neville Chamberlain after striking his deal at Munich that led inevitably to war. Is Obama’s deal with Iran worse?
Worse Than Munich – Ben Shapiro, BREITBART

So, Time’s Person of the Year 2013: Edward Snowden, or Miley Cyrus?
Vote Now: Who Should Be TIME’s Person of the Year? – TIME MAGAZINE

And Time’s Person of the Year, 2012? He could hardly be more clear:

Is there a worldwide backlash against hysteria and moral alarmism?
Monty Python's Terry Gilliam: ‘Operation Yewtree is a witch-hunt’ – SPIKED
Chris Trotter on Radio NZ’s Panel [from 8:00] – RADIO NZ AUDIO
Twitter Reaction to Chris Trotter on Radio NZ – TWITTER

The "Brixton slaves" story: it's bullshit, why won't anyone admit that?
The half-truths and wild claims of the Brixton slave story – Brendan O’Neill, SPIKED

Pat Condell: “A female convert to Islam is like a person who knocks on the door of a prison asking to be let in.”
New Muslim women honored in Jeddah – ARAB NEWS

Noam Chomsky seemed to have a handle on postmodernism.
Chomsky on postmodernism – STEPHEN HICKS

Aren’t pomowankers fun when they get a rant on. (Quick, shave your legs before the Feminazis come.)
Why Movember isn't all it's cracked up to be – NEW STATESMAN

Cuba with your eyes open.
Welcome to Cuba – Michael Totten, WORLD AFFAIRS

You wonder why youngsters emerge from school with munted brains? Take a random trawl through the “sustainability” modules they have to endure. Go on, dip in.
Describe world views, their expression through practices and activities and the consequences for a sustainable future – Standard 90812, NZQA

Should everyone have the vote? America’s founding fathers didn’t think so.
Madison: Who should vote? – Gene Callahan, LA BOCCA DELLA VERITA

Time to update the UK’s Bill of Rights.
How Britain invented freedom - and why we need to save it now – Daniel Hannan, SPECTATOR

AR_TalbotPortraitSo why’s everyone taking pot shots at Ayn Rand all of a sudden?
Shooting Ayn Rand – Steve Simpson, VOICES OF REASON

“My dear architects. This is why Starbucks designed round tables in their stores. They were strategically created ‘in an effort to protect self-esteem for those coffee drinkers flying solo.’ They were not round because the architect felt it looked better that way, they were not round because they were cheaper, they were round because as the article concludes ‘there are no empty seats at a round table.’”
What Starbucks Gets that Architects Don’t – ARCHITECTURE LAB

“Fantastic” meaning: a thing of fantasy…
Top 25 Fantastic Soviet Buildings

So maybe feminists are wrong about “the body standard”?
The extremely wide variety of body types among top-tier athletes – 22 WORDS

Two young men to keep an eye on: Two homegrown NZers taken in the AFL’s rooky draft, and now with everything to play for.
Tatupu and Heatherley flying high with the Hawks – AFL NZ

The World’s Most Libertarian Sport: Catch the local version, the Grand Final and Plate Final thereof, tomorrow on Auckland’s North Shore. (Carn the Raiders!)
Waitakere Magpies, Mt Roskill Saints in Auckland Grand Final – AFL NZ

Remember when Iron Mike could box?
Joyce Carol Oates on Mike Tyson – 3 QUARKS DAILY

It’s science, dummy.
Shocking Study Confirms Men Love Looking at Boobs - TIME

The cult of sour beers?
Sour beers: Not just a cult thing anymore – apparently – Neil Miller, MALTHOUSE

These guys are a hell of a lot of fun live.
Fill up the Tin – The MurderChord, BANDCAMP

The King’s Arms is busy these days. Neutral Milk Hotel last weekend…

…Otago Uni’s head of music on December 14…

…and here’s C.D himself, having been so intensely moved by his first sight of the sea.

[Hat tips Mark T.,  Ryan's Rantings, Morgan Godfery, Benjamin Pelc, Steve Milloy, Tom Nelson, David Lucas, Greig McGill, Pat Condell, Christopher Snowdon, TakingHayekSeriously, Ryan Mearns, Virginia Murr, nick, JWSpry, Ezra Klein, Rick Gator]

Thanks for reading,
Have a great weekend.

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