Thursday, 31 October 2013

Pub culture is over?

This morning, I ask you to address one of the most important issues facing the world. To whit:

“Pub culture is over. Five blokes talking rubbish over a pint died with the smoking ban.”



  1. Has anyone else noticed that emotionally passionate people tend to be found in the smoking area & boring plastic people tend to be found in the non-smoking area's ?

    B. Whitehead

  2. Here's a sure sign that the pub culture is over - Burger King isn't even allowed to mention the word "hangover" in its advertising as that might suggest it's acceptable to have a few drinks leading to a hangover.


  3. You mean there are losers who still smoke? Remarkable. I mean I know that Rand thought smoking was cool, but you know what happened to her right?

  4. Holden

    What happened to Rand?


  5. Lung cancer and heart disease, but gotta live your values right?

  6. I can't think of too many of her fans that smoke. Can you, PC?

    I understand she did like it for quite a while but quit when advised to by her doctor.
    Nevertheless, she lived 77 years so not a bad knock.

    But go ahead Misjudge, write off everything she said because she once liked smoking.

    The Northcote in Clapham Junction was well and truly alive last night PC.
    There are still plenty of blokes talking sh** over a pint and quite a few women with us also.

  7. Andrew B

    At 77 years old your chances of cancer get quite high unfortunately. Something to look forward to.

    There is the saying, "Life. No-one gets out alive."


  8. I would like to know who is behind this 'jihad' against alcohol that NZ Herald has been running for about 18 months. It has now gone mainstream with nostril-flaring indignation about wine being sold at school fetes, completely inaccurate information re the DUI limit and road deaths and so on.

    Who is behind it, and more importantly -- who stands to gain by it?


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