Monday, 23 September 2013

The Affordable Auckland Voting Guide

Guest by Stephen Berry and the Affordable Auckland team

Since Auckland Unions issued a voting guide for the Auckland Council elections, recommending the candidates to vote for if you want increased rates, enlarged debt, and a more unproductive port, Affordable Auckland is issuing its own guide on how voters should vote if they want lower rates, less borrowing and affordable housing.

These are the boxes to tick on your ballot:

Stephen Berry (Affordable Auckland) – Stephen has laid out a full plan showing genuine cuts in rates and quality spending on core council services, to eliminate borrowing within three years, renewed respect for private property rights and the promotion of affordable housing through zoning flexibility and abolishing the urban limit.

Brent Robinson (Independent) – Brent’s website conveys a concern about current rates levels and a commitment to focusing spending on core council activities. He was also featured on a Campbell Live story defending a children’s food stall against over-zealous Council food bureaucrats, so he doesn’t look like the type of man who will be increasing the regulatory burden.

Nigel Turnbull (Communities & Residents) -  There actually too much choice in this ward. Nigel does at least express concern about the high level of rates. We do not recommend Chris Fletcher who has often voted with the left-wing bloc and been a part of the problem, however if you do insist on casting two votes in this ward she would be the least terrible option.

Niko Kloeten (Affordable Auckland) – Niko(right)  is one sharp customer who knows his figures. He is absolutely supportive of cutting rates, focusing spending on core services, and eliminating council borrowing. No other candidate appreciates private property rights quite like Niko. He is also the only candidate there favouring increasing land supply through abolition of the urban limit. Niko is also a candidate for the Franklin (Pukekohe subdivision) Local Board.


Sharon Stewart (Independent) and Dick Quax (Independent), our favoured candidates here have both been re-elected unopposed. Congratulations!


Avtar Hans (Independent) - This ward is dominated by hard-left candidates. Avtar however at least has experience running a successful business, so might be expected to understand the impact of over-zealous council regulations better than most. Don’t bother casting a second vote in this ward. Even the least bad option, Arthur Anae, is crowing about his efforts to provide free swimming pools, so clearly quality spending on core services and controlling rates is not a priority for him..


If you live here, then here’s our only advice for you: Just. Don’t. Vote. The reason: Your choices are between a couple of Mana hard-left extremists or four nimby busybodies. They’re all in agreement that Council should control what you do with your property, and all are at the forefront of the attack on liquor businesses using entrepreneurship to make an income for their families. If you insist on ticking a box, Calum Penrose has at least managed to obtain rates remissions for elderly ratepayers, so he isn’t the worst option on the table.


Denise Krum (Communities & Residents) - Denise expresses concern over the level of rates increases and identifies the issue Auckland has with housing affordability. She looks flaky, but at least a vote for her might help get rid of Richard Northey and his crazy plan to send power prices into the stratosphere by burying existing power pylons.

North Shore
Calum Macpherson (Independent) - Calum’s candidate profile mainly focuses on high rates and the horrible impact it is having on elderly property owners, so we reckon he’s alright.

Joseph Bergin (Fair Deal for Shore) Joseph says he will reduce Council debt and make savings in Council spending. Council needs some fresh, young and energetic representatives. George Wood has had enough time to make an impact and still fails to do so.

Cameron Brewer (Independent) -  Cameron has been re-elected unopposed. We think he is one of the best members of the Council which is why Affordable Auckland chose to not stand a candidate against him.

Steven Garner (Independent) - Steven identifies greater value for ratepayers and reducing bureaucratic prescriptiveness as priorities. We say this make him a much better prospect than Penny Webster who, despite being a former Act MP, has voted with the left more often than not.

Peter CHAN2Peter Chan (Affordable Auckland) -  While there are two councillors for the Waitakere ward, we suggest you cast only one vote: for Peter Chan (right). Mr. Chan believes rates should be set at affordable levels and young families should be able to afford to purchase their first home. If you believe in voting for a local to be your representative, you’ll be glad to know Peter is one of only four Waitakere candidates that currently reside in the ward. He is also standing for Henderson-Massey Local Board on the Henderson-Massey Residents Group ticket and we recommend that you vote for him for Henderson-Massey Local Board.

Waitemata & Gulf
Stephen Berry (Affordable Auckland) - Mr. Berry is the only candidate advocating rates cuts. And despite Greg Moyle’s claims to the contrary, Berry is definitely the most business friendly candidate standing in the ward. For a guaranteed rates cut and a less interfering council, your only sure bet is a vote for Stephen Berry. Berry is also a candidate for the Waitemata Local Board.

heidi_baleA depressing lack of options in this ward. Ross Clow of Labour would be a horrendous big council representative. Noelene Raffills has an unhealthy habit of voting with the left more often than not. Duncan MacDonald’s profile statements don’t make any specific promises though he is head of the Avondale Business Association. That could just mean his special interests are different from the other candidates.
There is one ray of sunshine however, Affordable Auckland’s Heidi Bale (right) is standing for Whau Local Board. We suggest you just vote for her.

Stephen001Stephen Berry is the Affordable Auckland candidate for Mayor, for the Waitemata & Gulf Ward, and for the Waitemata Local Board. Check out, and for Affordable candidates in your own area, check out, and

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