Monday, 23 September 2013

Quote of the Day:

“One thing I’ve learned .. is how obsessed so many of the key thinkers in the green movement are with the notion of ‘overpopulation.’ As one of their favourite think tanks, the Club of Rome, puts it: ‘Earth has a cancer and the cancer is man.’ This belief explains, inter alia, why the ‘science’ behind AGW is so dodgy: because the science didn’t come first. What came first was the notion that mankind was a problem and was doing harm to the planet. The “science” was then simply tortured until it fitted in with this notion.
    I do not share this view.  Indeed … while people like Chris Packham (and Prince Charles; George Monbiot; Al Gore; David Attenborough; Robert Redford; Mikhail Gorbachev; Ted Turner; et al) may believe what they do for the noblest of reasons, their ecological philosophy is fundamentally evil. And I do mean evil. Any philosophy which has, as its core tenet, the belief that mankind is the problem not the solution cannot possibly be one that pertains to good, can it?”
- James Delingpole, “Earth does not have a cancer; the cancer is not man” – TELEGRAPH


  1. I met one of these dangerous zealots a while back and it was like looking into another reality: a green animal rights nut who actually genuinely told me that human beings are a parasitic blight on the earth and that one day the planet would fight back and shrug us off. He couldn't wait, it seemed.

    This is real. There really is a sizeable proportion of people amongst us who think like this. These are the extreme nutters.... but even more frightening is the fact that, while they are not so full-on, the majority of people seem to subscribe in a vague way to the notions of 'sustainability', 'limiting our footprint' and other such garbage.

    I fear for the future of my grandchildren actually. What sort of world will they grow up in, ruled by mad people who hate and despise their own species, FFS? George Orwell's horific fiction is nothing compared to this.

    Dave Mann

  2. Dave - I've met them also, and they are far from fringe. A couple are otherwise "normal" students who drink at my local watering hole. Someone (I suspect Waikato Universtity) has done a serious number on them. They did at least seem to recognise the folly of their views when I responded "best off yourself now then and help solve the problem" to their "we're all a plague" drivel.


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