Monday, 9 September 2013

Gareth Morgan v Liberty Scott: update

I reported on last Friday’s ramble the online stoush ‘tween Captain Morgan and Liberty Scott that began when Gareth left North Korea decrying how badly the prison state has been misunderstood by everyone but him and Kim Jong Il.

Turns out Gareth has backed down—in exactly the same way that Soviet historians used to back down, i.e., by rewriting the past.

Scott reports that Gareth

has removed his libel threat and his lengthy ad-hominem attack on me which started with a diatribe against ad-hominem attacks.  He has edited many of my comments extensively, and has done the same to his own, adding in one:
"I am in no way sympathetic to the form of governance in North Korea."
Sure had a lot of us fooled.  
    There is much more in the language now used in the edited comments to suggest a more reasonable interpretation for what he saw.  Had he said all that in the first place, there would be far far less to criticise him about.   
    He has still helped to feed the DPRK's propaganda machine of course - that horse has bolted.
However, so have his original comments.

So too has his credibility. What remained of it.

Scott concludes:

I look forward to seeing whether the MSM takes him on when he finally returns to NZ, for his original comments and behaviour in being confronted with the absurdity of them…

Any journalists out there up for  it?

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  1. Gareth Morgan's rewriting history? Then it follows that he can go fuck himself. As surely as night follows day.


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