Sunday, 18 August 2013

“Hey History Guy, What the Heck is Up with Egypt?!”

My favourite online historian, Scott Powell, reckons history is desperately needed to understand how Egypt’s crisis has unfolded, and where it is headed …


  1. Its easy to blame this or that (and it may well be correct to do so) but at the end of the day once you start fiddling, even with best intentions, where do you stop? I suspect that had Egypt had what the Muslim Brotherhood wanted long ago there would now be some other division causing problems. Its not what you would call a stable part of the world and I'm not sure that the US is to blame for all that. Islam has a political structure stemming from its culture that makes it prone to internal fighting.


  2. Excellent. LibertyScott has a good piece too. Visited Powell's site - really good stuff. And loved the 2min histories.

  3. People cant afford the food.

    Inflation in Egypt according to govt stats is 9.75% pa. That means is probably closer to 20%. Food prices are rasing faster than wage rates. This is what kicks everything off. Doesn’t matter what Zero’s golf rounds are.

    Instead of unaffordable housing try unaffordable food.

    The Chinese govt will be crapping itself. The Chicomms have got stop that money printing. Interesting Chicomms nailed Fonterra recently for price fixing recently. China just as backward as Egypt.


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