Wednesday, 21 August 2013

ECONOMICS FOR REAL PEOPLE: Is there nothing quite as wonderful as money?


Here’s the update on tomorrow night’s programme with our friends at the Auckland Uni Economics Group:

“Money,” sang the hippies, “it’s a sin.”

Money, say the mercantilists, it’s a sign of wealth!

“There is nothing quite as wonderful as money,” sang Monty Python. But what exactly is it, this stuff – a store of value? a means of exchange? the root of all evil? or the source of all good?

What is this stuff that seems to move the world, yet is seemingly so hard to define, and so impossible to evaluate.

And where exactly does it come from? People strive for it, bargain for it, even kill for it—yet today’s bankers can create it at will with just the touch of a keystroke.

Understanding the nature of money is crucial for every serious student of economics, especially since money forms one half of every transaction, appears in every price, and is implicated in every crash.

And, not least, because money it is so widely misunderstood.

This week we discuss money, sound and unsound—and ask: money, hero or villain?

And just to allay any fears, there will be no appearances by Pink Floyd. At all.

      Time: 6:00pm
      Date: Tomorrow,  Thursday August 23
      Location: Room 215, Level 2, University of Auckland Business School, Park Rd, Grafton.

All welcome.  We look forward to seeing you there.
Riko Stevens
UoA Economics Groups-
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