Thursday, 11 July 2013

‘Water-Lily Pond’ - Claude Monet

The Water-Lily Pond (Le Bassin aux Nymphes), Calude Monet, 883mm x 931mm, 1899

Now this is pretty cool. Starting next week, Te Papa hosts an exhibition of what looks like some of the finest Impressionist art works ever painted.

And these are paintings you need to see live in person to get the full effect because they were masters at using paint to give three-dimensional effects.

Sure, enlarge and then stare at Claude’s painting above for a few minutes and it will begin to come to life. (Go  on, do it, do it now). But stand and stare at in the gallery—and you’ll want to stare at it for some time once you start—and if it doesn’t come to life while you’re staring at it, I’d almost pay for your admission and your flights to Wellington prints myself.*

Because, by Galt, the old bugger knew what he was about.

* * * * *

* Don’t press your luck. I said “almost.”

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