Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Len Brown’s sleight of hand

So Len Brown’s “Consensus” group consulting on how to pay for his monuments—for the billions of dollars1 worth of monuments he plans to build around the city, on top of the $7 billion in debt he’s already loaded onto the city—are suggesting higher public transport fares (to be increased annually), another petrol tax (to be increased every year), tolls on roads and motorways (also to be increased every year) and more money from central government (to be increased as and when govt and taxpayers’ arms can be twisted).

Meanwhile, while everyone else discusses how to pay for Brown’s monuments, Brown himself has declared his policy planks for his second term: to “complete the introduction of free swimming pool access for all Aucklanders” (paid for by who knows whom), and “to further squeeze down the rise in the annual rates take to 2.5%.”

He appears to think we are all idiots.

He uses “down” in the context of something going up.
He hasn’t kept any rates down anywhere ever since he’s been Mayor, ever. 
And quite aside from the promise he’ll never ever keep of keeping rates rises down to 2.5% every year, he is making this promise quite outside the context of hitting us with his monumental bill for Len’s monuments.

Liveable cities are affordable cities.

It is clear Len Brown doesn’t understand that at all.

I think we need someone who does.

PS: Want affordable local councils? Consider supporting the Affordable ticket:http://www.affordable.org.nz/join-donate

1. Sixty billions dollars, to be as precise as Radio NZ.

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